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Auto Lovers Ceramic Coat
Auto Lovers Ceramic Coat
Auto Lovers Ceramic Coat
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We offer cleaning packages that include ceramic coating, hand wash, wax and clay bar paint cleaning to keep your car looking great and protected against UV, road salt, dirt and grime.

Ceramic Coating

The Benefits

Ceramic Coating is a chemical barrier that we apply by hand. It protects the paint against UV, acid rain, light scratches, paint fade and bird droppings that can stain the paint.

Glossier Shine

It also provides a glossy, deeper shine that lasts over a year as compared to wax which only last a couple months.

Reduces Maintenance

Also reduces cleaning maintenance over time.

Repels Water

Extreme hydrophobic water repellancy.

Added Protection

Corrosion and scratch resistance.

Looks Amazing!

Produces extreme depth of gloss.

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